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Puppy Application

Rellim Family Bernedoodles has a master deposit list.

If you are interested in getting a Bernedoodle puppy, please fill out a puppy application and place a deposit. Once completed, this will place you on our wait list.  

There is usually a wait for your puppy; please check with us to get an estimate of the wait time.

Thank you!
Desired Gender
Desired Color

Commitment To Your Puppy

  • If unforeseen circumstances arise, I agree to contact Rellim Family Bernedoodles to help re-home my puppy

  • My puppy will require a lot of my time and energy for exercise and training. I am willing to commit to this.

  • I commit to my puppy for his/her lifetime (consider long-term expenses).

  • I agree to pay all puppy expenses include veterinary care, monthly flea and heart-worm prevention, food, crate, and grooming expenses.

  • I agree to provide proper veterinary care for the lifetime of your dog. 

  • I agree to Spay/Neuter is required by 7 months of age via contract. 




  • By signing below, you agree that all information that you have provided is truthful and to all of the above questions.

  • You understand that Rellim Family Bernedoodles has the right to refuse to sell you a puppy.

  • You understand that we reserve the right to retain any puppy for our breeding program.

  • You understand that unfortunate events, such as miscarriage, loss of a puppy, or smaller than expected litters can occur.

  • We reserve the right to use a different stud for any breeding at our discretion and this does not qualify you for a refund of your deposit.

  • You also understand that "Hypoallergenic pets" are breeds of pet animals that are less likely to trigger allergic reactions in people who are sensitized to the pet species (Wikipedia).

  • No pet is allergy free, only less likely to induce an allergic reaction.


We will contact you with approval and request your deposit after we review your application.


Deposits may be returned at anytime at the discretion of the breeder.

Applicants/depositors and breeder all agree that any return of deposit means that any and all verbal or implied agreements to sell a puppy to that applicant/depositor are then terminated.

Applicant’s Digital Signature:  



(By digitally signing this form, applicant agrees to understanding and compliance with all requirements and statements on this form.)

Thank you for choosing Rellim Family Bernedoodles as your breeder!

Thank you. We will get back with you soon on the status of your application.

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