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Why We Love Mini Bernedoodles and You Will Too

First of all you may be wondering what a Bernedoodle is? While it has a unique name a Bernedoodle is a common mixed breed of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a poodle. You can mix a standard, medium, or mini poodle with a Bernese Mountain dog to give you a pup of all different sizes. A mini poodle mixed with a Bernese Mountain dog is a mini Bernedoodle.

We love Mini Bernedoodles for many reasons. They tend to have some of the best attributes of both the Berenese and the poodle. They are known for being fun, loving, goofy, sociable, confident and easily adaptable dogs.

They make great family dogs as they have a reputation of being gentle around elderly and children. They make great therapy and service dogs for many who need those types of animals as well.

Mini Bernedoodles are smart and easy to train. They love to be active with their families and are quite social and enjoy being around people and other dogs.

They are easy to train and love to work. Bernedoodles love to be around people.

They do not do well in an outside kennel and need to be a part of the family. Like with any puppy Bernedoodles need training early. Training your Bernedoodle early is best for you and your Bernedoodle.

Find more information about adding a mini bernedoodle to your family here.

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